Wine Brokering

We originally formed Melnik Wine Company to bring responsible development to the Melnik region, and to share the local Melnik wine, an ancient, forestry wine, with anyone not fortunate enough to visit Melnik. Finding this and other great Bulgarian wines outside of their home regions has been nearly impossible, and we are changing that.

We help our customers identify and connect with local producers to craft great wines, in local styles that taste like the regions that they come from.

If you are a Bulgarian wine producer looking to venture into other countries, we have the resources to assist you with the process;

If you are a Western wine producer who wants to break into Eastern Europe we can also assist you with that.

We are actively creating connections and developing a network between this Balkan wine oasis and the rest of the world, holding conferences and maintaining relations with people in the wine world there so you won’t have to. We can work with you to implement your marketing plans, and if you do not yet have one, don’t worry, we have the expertise to create a marketing plan for you, too.