Our vision for Bulgaria is to develop a true wine experience for both local and international tourists, in partnership with local communities. One is hard-pressed to find a complete wine tasting experience in Bulgaria, or much of the rest of Southeast Europe. Using lessons learned from Western Europe and California, we are working to develop the region’s wine tourism, both through land developments of our own, and partnerships with others.

Specifically, we aim to bring accommodation located on or very near to actual vineyards, including small hotels, wine tasting rooms, restaurants, spas and relaxation facilities to Melnik and to other wine growing areas, and to incorporate the experience of wine production on site.

To achieve these goals we are actively searching for available vineyards, plots of developed land, agricultural land and refurbishment opportunities throughout Bulgaria, as well as suitable development partners who are committed to the local communities in which we work.

Our own capabilities, and those of our local partners, are some of the most diverse in the region, and include:

Marketing plan creation
Sales structure analysis
Land surveying
Project feasibility analysis
Pro forma analysis
Legal due diligence
Project management
Property management
Tourism development